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Special Collections - Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library: Kofoid collection

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Kofoid Pamphlet Collection

The pamphlet collection consists of some 70,000 pamphlets and reprints that Kofoid acquired during his 40-some years as a zoology professor at Berkeley. Some of the earliest materials date back to the 18th century, and many are from the 19th century. The most recent materials are probably from the late 1930s or early 1940s. This collection contains unique materials.

The collection includes the reprint and pamphlet collections of Sir Arthur Shipley and William Setchell. The former was a noted British zoologist who d.1928; the latter a UCB botany professor whose major research was on algae and who d.1943. It is unclear how these two collections were added to the Kofoid pamphlet collection, although it is certain that Kofoid knew both. The Shipley collection materials date from 1833 to 1912, the Setchell from 1890 to 1935.

Library call numbers for the Shipley and Setchell collections are QL3.S5 and QK564.5.S4.
The Setchell materials are mostly in the University Herbaria Library; the Kofoid and Shipley mostly in NRLF. A few of the rarest materials are in the Locked Case.
The Kofoid call numbers are: QH301.A1P5 (includes some Setchell), QH301.A1P6, QL366.A1P2, and QL757.A1P26.

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