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Global Development: Data

Development Statistics

Africa Development Indicators.  Detailed collection of data on Africa covering 53 African countries from 1961. Data include social, economic, financial, natural resources, infrastructure, governance, partnership, and environmental indicators.

CEIC. Detailed macroeconomic data with more than one million time series for 121 countries.

China EPS Data. Comprehensive collection of data on China with yearly, quarterly and monthly data for indicators covering national, county and city statistics.

Data Planet. Provides fast and easy one-stop shopping to more than 5.3 billion (and growing) data points from licensed and public domain datasets. Sources of data include local, state and international governments and organizations.

FAOSTAT. Extensive data on agriculture, food supply, food security, prices, commodities, forest products, and fisheries from the FAO.

Genderstats. Indicators on key gender topics. Themes included are demographics, education, health, labor force, and political participation. From the World Bank.

Global Health Observatory Data Repository. Statistical and epidemiological data from the World Health Organization (WHO). Statistics by disease and condiation (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, epidemics) as well as information on health systems, nutrition. injuries and violence, environmental health, tobacco and more. 

Human Development Report Statistics. Statistics from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Links to the text of national human development reports from over 250 countries and regions.

Indiastat.  Statistical data from Indian government and private sources: finance, agriculture, health, housing, transportation, and many other areas. Data is derived from documents, reports and policies from the states and national government of India. a. Userid and password required. Please inquire at any Library Reference Desk for assistance.

ILOStat. International labor statistics from 1979 to the present on employment, earnings, wages, strikes and more. 

OECD iLibrary. Leading International Organization for foreign aid data. Includes International Development Statistics as well as statistical databases on financial aid to developing countries. Choose the "international development" link on the statistics section.

UNCTADStat. From the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development. See also the World Investment Directory, which offers FDI data by country.

UN Data. Wide range of economic, social, cultural, and demographic indicators: population, environment, health, economics, technology, trade, refugees, and more.

UN Habitat Open Urban Data. Free and open access to data about 741 cities around the globe.

U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants (Green Book). Loans and grants from the US government each fiscal year by purpose and country.

USAID Development Data Library. Data Catalog of USAID - project data in the areas of democracy and governance, health, humanitarian assistance, peace and security, education, economic growth and more.

World Development Indicators. Time series data from 1960 for 207 countries in the areas of population, labour, education, economics, the environment and much more.

World Income Inequality Database. Information for over 140 countries on income inequalities at both cross-country and time series levels over the period 1950-98, with a focus on the period since 1980. See also the University of Texas Income Inequality Project.