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Economics: APIs

APIs for Economic Data

An API (application programming interface) is an online tool to access information or download raw data. Many publishers, especially governments offer free APIs allowing users to extract data. Programming is required to use many APIs.

Alpha Vantage Stock API. Financial and economic data for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, foreign exchange, SEC filings, and technical indicators.

Asian Development Bank Key Indicators API. Provides access to the data and metadata available in the Key Indicators Database. 

Bureau of Economic Analysis API.  Programmatic access to BEA data.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Public API. Public access to economic data from all BLS programs.

Census Bureau APIs. Multiple Census Bureau datasets available. See the Census Bureau API Discovery tool.

Data.Gov API Listing. Catalog of multiple APIs from various US federal agencies including:

Dataverse Network APIs. Multiple APIs available to allow programmatic access to data in the Dataverse Network.

Eurostat. Programmatic access to Eurostat data.

Federal Reserve Economic Network (FRED) API. Allows developers to retrieve economic data from the FRED and ALFRED websites

Global Financial Data (UC Berkeley users only, available on request).

OECD Data APIs. API access to a selection of OECD datasets.

UN Comtrade APIs. APIs from the United Nations Comtrade data portal UC Berkeley has access to the Bulk Extraction API.

UN Data API. Programmatic access to data on the UN Data platform.

World Bank APIs. Provide access to World Bank statistical databases, indicators, projects, loans and credits, financial statements and other data.