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Food Studies: Books, eBooks

UC Library Search

 UC Library Search infographic about what is included

UC Library Search is the University of California's unified discovery and borrowing system.

Access it directly or from the Library homepage to find most UC books, articles, media, archival collections, and more.

See the UC Library Search User Guide and ask for research help 24/7 for more information.

Search tips

enter keywords:  cooking American
use truncation / wildcard for variant word endings: example:
cook* =cookery, cooking, cookbook(S)
For subject searches use the following terms: 
     cooking, American - western style
     cooking west
     cookbooks - west
     fireplace cooking
     food habits - California
     food habits - history
     food - history
     outdoor cooking
     Cooking western

broaden and narrow your searches: keywords: Outdoor cooking California
advanced search cookery Chinese language: English
year of publication: after 1945 before 1990

Search the name of a person or organization, as an author or topic:
author: Waters, Alice
author: united states food and drug administration

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