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Molecular and Cell Biology: Preprints

How to find articles, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, protocols, data and citation management tools, and other resources in Molecular and Cell Biology.

What is a preprint?

A preprint is a version of a scholarly article that is circulated (generally by being posted online and made freely available) without having undergone formal peer review. A preprint can be an article that is:

  • posted before it is submitted for publication,
  • in the process of submission to a journal for peer review and publication, or
  • not intended for formal publication.

Advantages of preprints

  • Rapid dissemination of research results
  • Forum for null or negative results that can be difficult to publish
  • Freely available preprints can be viewed by everyone with access to the internet
  • There is generally no cost to authors to post
  • Provide opportunities for authors to receive feedback from a wide range of readers beyond formal peer reviewers
  • Published articles with preprints are cited at higher levels, increasing impact
  • Can provide evidence of scientific priority

Disadvantages of preprints

  • Preprints have not undergone the quality checks provided by formal peer review (although there can be extensive public comments)
  • Some journals do not permit citation of preprints
  • Preprints may continue to be cited after the article has been published in journal, which is the version of record
  • A small number of journals may consider the posting of a preprint to be a form of prior publication, and so will not accept manuscripts that have been posted as preprints

Selected perspectives on preprints

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Preprint sources

Disciplinary preprint archives

Multidisciplinary preprints