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IAS 150: Commodities and Cultures in the Making of the World Economy: Data

Commodity Statistics

Commodity Trade Statistics Database (COMTRADE). Trade data from 130 countries, detailed by commodity and partner country from the United Nations. For many countries, data goes back to 1962. To use this database it is important to specify the international classification code you need (ISIC or HS). For long historical runs select "as reported."

Comtrade Data Visualizations.  Impressive array of data visualization tools created using Comtrade API data.

Foreign Trade Statistics. Monthly statistical reports, imports and exports by country, trade balances, commodity trade.  Also contains historical data back to 1991, from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration and Cultural Exchange. Includes clickable maps. Data lists can be viewed by geographic market, currency, and commodity, and can be queried. Data is from approximately 1260 to 1914. Most data is from Europe but selected data also from South Asia, East Asia, and the Americas.

Global Financial Data. Contains long runs of historical data (over 6,000 series) on security markets and macroeconomic trends for over 150 countries, including some historical commodity price data. Click "logon anonymously" or register for a free account as a Berkeley student.

Historical Statistics of the United States.  Coverage begins with the colonial and pre-Federal period and goes up to 2000.  Excellent source of information for studying U.S. history, economics, politics, and other topics.

International Historical Statistics. Africa, Asia and Oceania, 1750-2005. B.R. Mitchell. Key economic and social indicators for Africa Asia and Oceania from 1750.

International Historical Statistics: the Americas, 1750-2000. B.R. Mitchell. Key economic and social indicators for the Americas from 1750. 

International Historical Statistics. Europe, 1750-2005. B.R. Mitchell. Key economic and social indicators for European countries from 1750.  

OECD iLibrary Statistics. Includes extensive international trade data for OECD countries.

USA Trade Online. Find specific U.S. export and import information on more than 18,000 commodities worldwide.

World Integrated Trade Solutions (WITS). Statistics on trade in merchandise and commercial services at the world and regional level. Register for use with your Berkeley email address. 

WTO Trade Statistics. Interactive database with data on the following: