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Silicon Raj: Making a Difference to America's Future

Getting ready.

Volunteers prepare to open the doors of Christian Jubilee Center to welcome guests who donated $2 million for Gujarat earthquake victims.

"We love you Bill."

Former President Bill Clinton and Kailash Joshi, President of The IndUS Entrepreneurs, react to the crowd attending the fundraising concert for Gujarat earthquake victims.

Dr. Narinder S. Kapany

Narinder S. Kapany is widely regarded as the "Father of Fiber Optics" and has been involved in the development of the technology behind devices from endoscopy to high-capacity communication that have changed the medical, information and business worlds. He was named one of seven "Unsung Heroes" by Fortune in their "Businessmen of the Century," November 1999 issue. 

Home style cooking.

A popular chaat house, Vik's in Berkeley, serves home style cooking seven days a week.

Young girls of B.A.P.S. Swaminarayan Sanstha.

Chitra Divakaruni at Cody's.

Best selling author and co-founder of Maitri, a Bay Area support group that helps battered South Asian women, gives a book reading at Cody's Bookstore in Berkeley, CA.


Videotapes of weddings of high-tech professionals in the United States are sent to friends and relatives in India so that they can share the tradition of a village wedding.

"I make three-hour VHS tapes of the wedding ceremonies and receptions and they are converted to the PAL tapes that are commonly used in India." -- Japdeep Singh, video photographer

Gandhi's daughters.

Ramaa Koodi, Sunila Fondekai and others at the Indo-American Community Service Center in Santa Clara.

Volunteers for Gujarat Earthquake victims.

Press conference.

Lata Krishnan with Chitresh Das and Deepak Chopra at the Press Conference before the concert to raise money for Gujarat earthquake victims.

Indian entrepreneurs have been very successful here, it should be an important strategy to give back to the community. -- Lata Krishnan, founder, Smart Modular Technologies Inc.

*All original photos were 20" x 16" gelatin silver prints.