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Silicon Raj: Making a Difference to America's Future

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Silicon Raj is a photo documentary work in progress, a project to honor the contributions of Indians in America - in the high tech industry, medicine, biotechnology, publishing, academic, social service, arts and culture - and their entrepreneurial leadership in creating jobs and prosperity for all Americans to welcome their presence and help in their integration. It is also my effort to provide the Indian community with a visual voice, so others will respect their ambitions, culture, music, and other social values, and to document the day to day life of a proud community.

According to Information Technology Association of America, engineers produced by U.S. schools typically are not as well trained as those from Indian technology schools. Fortune says: "Without the Indian hi-tech professionals and entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley would not be what it is today." Additionally, according to the Public Policy Institute of California, Indian-led hi-tech companies generated $3.5 billion in sales and employed 16,500 people in 1998. Collectively, they have created companies that account for $235 billion in market value. Naren Bakshi who heads Versata and Expede said in a newspaper interview "I came here from India to seek a job and ask this country to give me something. It feels good to pay that debt by creating jobs for others."

Thank you for allowing me to capture a moment of your life in America. I hope these images will help improve our acceptance as immigrants and make our children proud of who we are and what we have done for this nation.