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EndNote: Citation Management: Format Bibliographies

Use this guide to select software, download pdfs, format bibliographies and manage citations and research,

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EndNote X9 / EndNote 20

How to: Format Bibliographies

One of the best features of EndNote is formatting your bibliography in almost any style, using a variety of fonts, adapting your favorite style to your own specifications, spacing, numbers or add annotations.

Formatting methods

Method 1: Copy Formatted

  • EndNote > select your Output Style (this is the style of your bibliography).
  • Select references in your library - use command or control A to select all references.
  • References> copy formatted references.
  • Open a word document, place the cursor where you want the references to appear.
  • Edt > paste.

Method 2: Export references

  • EndNote > select your Output Style (this is the style of your bibliography)
  • Select the references you with to export. File > Export.
  • Select file name, file type and destination ("Save in:") for your bibliography.
  • Open the text file you have just created in word and edit or print.

Method 3: Drag and drop: (not all word processing programs support this method, MS word does)

  • EndNote > select your Output Style (this is the style of your bibliography)
  • Select citations from your reference library.
  • Hold command or control key and drag references from the library to your word document.
    -- You can tile your windows: put your cursor on the taskbar; right click the mouse, select show windows side-by-side.
  • You may need to select Update Citations and Bibliography.

Create a subject bibliography

  • Library > Tools  > Subject Bibliography. Keywords. OK.
  • Subject Terms search box corresponds to the keywords field in your library.
  • Select subject terms to use as subject headings in your bibliography, or click Select All. OK.
  • Your bibliography is formatted on the screen.
  • Click Layout button to modify the layout and style of your bibliography:
  • Click on the tabs, References, Terms, Page Layout and Bibliography Layout.
  • Verify or change the settings.
  • Once your bibliography is set up, display with Print Preview, print, or save. Close.