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Slavic & East European Studies: About

This guide will help patrons use the Slavic & East European resources in the UC Berkeley Library

Slavic Collections at Berkeley

The UC Berkeley Library contains one of the largest Slavic collections among US academic libraries. Materials are collected from all the countries of the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in all vernacular languages. Substantial material in English and other European languages is also collected to support Slavic Studies.

The largest part of the collection supports the study of Russia, its history and culture. Strong research collections exist for Polish, Czech and Hungarian Studies. Curriculum supporting collections cover the remainder of the East European countries. Through strong exchange agreements with academies and national libraries in the Caucasus and Central Asia, the Library has built solid collections for these regions and continues to do so to support increased campus interest in these subject areas.

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Special Collections

Listings of relevant library collections (including links to their catalogs). Libraries and collections at Berkeley may also be listed under "Related Pages."

New Acquisitions

The last six months of cataloguing in the following areas can be accessed below.

Giving to the Library

The Library welcomes gifts in all forms. Many private donors have made contributions toward the acquisition of research materials for the use of Berkeley faculty and students. This support is very important in sustaining the excellence of our collections and services.

The following types of gifts are available:

Book Donations
Gifts of scholarly materials and the results of research have historically represented a significant element in the development of our outstanding research collections. We welcome individual gifts, but due to space and staff limitations, we must be judicious in accepting large contributions. Contact Liladhar R. Pendse, Librarian for Slavic & East European Collections about the materials you wish to donate.

Donations of recently published books are welcomed. New book purchases will be checked to ensure titles aren’t already on order.

Memorial and Honorific Gifts
Contributions given in memory or in honor of a person are welcomed. For a gift of $1,000 or more, a named memorial book fund can be established. A special book plate will be created and placed in each book.

Named Endowment
Endowment funds may be established with a gift of $50,000 or more. These funds provide the library with an annual income in perpetuity and have a lasting impact on maintaining a world class collection in Slavic & East European Studies. The University invests its endowments carefully to achieve a healthy rate of return that provides for both current needs and long-term growth. A special book plate will be created and placed in each book.

Cash Gifts for Book Purchases
Cash contributions of any amount are welcomed and can be made directly to the Library using the online form. In the Special instructions or designations for this gift section, specify which collection it is for.

If you prefer to send a check, make it payable to the UC Regents (indicate which collection it is for) and mail it to:

Librarian for Slavic & East European Collections
Doe Library, rm. 438
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

Selected Additional Resources

Off-campus Access to Library Resources

There are two ways to connect to library resources from off-campus using the new library proxy:

  1. Links to online resources on library websites, such as UC Library Search, will allow you to login with CalNet directly.
  2. To access library resources found via non-UCB sites, such as Google or Google Scholar, you can add the EZproxy bookmarklet to your browser. Then, whenever you land on a licensed library resource, select your EZproxy bookmarklet to enable CalNet login.

More information is on the EZproxy guide.

The campus VPN provides an alternate method for off-campus access.