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Bio-Inspired Design: IB 32: Articles

Start with

Use the best databases for articles, reports, papers, government documents. Start with databases listed below, use this link for many more,

Best Databases for articles

Agricultural & Environmental Science
Articles, proceedings, books, reports, government publications. [1960 - present]

BIOSIS Previews
Articles, papers, books on biological and biomedical topics. Includes literature reviews. [1926 - present.]

Google Scholar
Change Settings: go to Library Links search "Berkeley" choose "University of California Berkeley - UC-eLinks." for links to UC Berkeley full text resources.
+Change Settings: Bibliography Manager - click RefWorks or EndNote. to save to your own account.

Use UCB access for UC eLinks to full text articles and citations. PubMed Basics - use filters, 'and, or, not', track history, save to My NCBI. [1950 - present, dates vary.]

Indexes journals, conference proceedings, trade publications, and book series in the sciences and more. 

Web of Science
Science articles, reports, proceedings, data and more. [1900 - present ].

Search keywords

Adaptation (Biology)
Bio Art - Altered Realities
Biodesign - Nature
Biomimetics -
Biomimicry -
Biomedical materials
Camouflage (Biology)
Mimicry (Biology)
Materials - Processes and Production
Medical innovations

Web of Science Video (5 min.)

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