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Chemistry and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Start

Find information resources in Chemistry and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Orientation materials

WiFi options

The UCB wireless network available in almost every building on campus; click on the link for more information about configuring the AirBears2 network on your device.

Provides internet access on the UCB campus and when visiting dozens of other participating institutions. Use with the proxy server to access UC Berkeley-licensed journals, e-books and databases. Click on the link for more information about configuring the eduroam network on your device.

Note: The CalVisitor network on the UCB campus provides internet access, but blocks users from UCB-licensed resources such as journals, e-books, and databases. If you have trouble accessing these resources when on campus, check to make sure that you are not logged in to CalVisitor.

Connecting from off campus

To access electronic journals, books, and other subscription resources from off-campus, please use one of the following:

Proxy Server
The proxy server is a computer on campus that will re-route your requests for licensed resources after authenticating you as a Berkeley student, faculty or staff member. You must configure your web browser in order to use it.
EZProxy (coming by Fall 2018): no proxy server required, but you must access resources through a library link (not Google!).
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The VPN is a software program that will establish a "tunnel" to our campus network, allowing you to access a broader variety of licensed resources.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

The Science Libraries offer workshops throughout the year to help you search more efficiently, manage and visualize your data, and organize your references.

See the Science Libraries Calendar for upcoming events and workshops; subscribe by RSS to be alerted when events are posted.

Or, contact your subject librarian directly for help.

For workshops on software, data analysis and programming languages such as R and Python, see the D-Lab calendar.

Thriving in Science

Thriving in Science
A program run by and for graduate students in the physical and life sciences to address issues graduate students encounter, and provide a peer support network.


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