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Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps: World

Lists of online vegetation maps from website titled "Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps." These lists of links are no longer being actively maintained and are provided for archival purposes only.

World & Regional Maps



Bailey Ecoregions Map  (Net Primary Productivity Project)
Drylands : Aridity Zones of the World  (for 10 maps of World's drylands)
Geographical Distribution of Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) Variations among Populations of O. longistaminata [map a.] Using Genetic Diversity Cluters [map b.] Using Nei's Genetic Diversity Indices
Geographical Distribution of Indigenous Vegetation / by A.K. Johnston & Arthur Henfrey ; Map of Schouws Phyto-geographic Regions with the Distribution of Plants Especially Influencing the Physiognomy of the Vegetation of the Globe. 1854
Global Atlas of Palaeovegetation Since the Last Glacial Maximum  (Includes maps of Europe, Eurasia, Africa, Australasia, North America and South America / Quaternary Environments Network)
Terrestrial Biogeographic Realms of the World; Biogeographical Provinces of the Nearctic Biogeographical, Palearctic Biogeographical, Africotropical Biogeographical, IndoMalayan Biogeographical, Oceanian Biogeographical, Australian Biogeographical, Neotropical Realm
Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World   (National Geographic, WWF)
Umrisse der Pflanzengeographie, 1838   (In: Dr. Heinrich Berghaus Physikalischer Atlas, 1849)
Die Vegetations-gebiete der Erde   (In: Richard Andree's allgemeiner Handatlas in sechsundachtzig Karten mit erläuterndem Text, 1881)
World : Percent Vegetation Cover  (Defries, et al., 1999, 2000)
World -- Vegetation & Ocean Currents  (In: Times Survey Atlas of the World, 1922)
World Wilderness Areas : Countries with the Most Wilderness   (Sierra Club, World Bank, UNEP/GRID)


Northern Hemisphere Plant Disjunctions Principle Areas where Tertiary Relict Floras Occur, and Tertiary Land Bridges between Eurasia and N America

- Caucasus

Indian Ocean

Latin America

[Cloud Forests : Humid Tropics] (The Cloud Forest Zone (silvo nebula) on the Western Andean Slope -- The Altitudinal Vegetation Belts from Mexico to Colombia -- A Schematic Profile of Vegetation on the Eastern Andean Slopes, from Lo Paz to the Yungos -- Cloud Forest Distribution in the Humid Tropics and Adjacent Areas)

Middle East

Vegetation Map of the Middle East  (Legibility problems)

Southern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere Maps and Present-Day Nothofagus Distribution Transoceanic Distribution of Nothofagus Subspecies Lophozonia and Fuscospora and South American Species N. nitida (Subgenus Nothofagus). Map adapted from Swenson et al. [43]. ASE, Australia; NCA, New Caledonia; NGU, New Guinea; NZE, New Zealand; SAM, South America; TAS, Tasmania; Relationship of Australia, New Zealand, and South America 65 Myr and 35 Myr before Present;

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