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Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps: South America

Lists of online vegetation maps from website titled "Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps." These lists of links are no longer being actively maintained and are provided for archival purposes only.

South America

South America (see also Latin America)

South America

Distribution of Heliconia scarlatina ; Morphological Variation Patterns in Compsoneura capitellata ; Two Ways of Representing a Morphometric Analysis of Compsoneuramexicana and C. sprucei   (In: Floristics and Economic Botany of Acre, Brazil = Florística e Botânica Econômica do Acre, Brasil / Universidade Federal do Acre)
Prevailing Vegetation   (Inset on: South America -- Political.   In: Times Survey Atlas of the World, 1922)
Southern Latin America Temperate Forest and Protected Areas  (Map 9 UNEP-WCMC; covers southern South America)

Amazon Basin (see also Brazil)



Brazil (see also Amazon Basin)

- Bahia

- Cabo Frio

- Guaraquecaba

- Mato Grosso

- Northeast

Atlantic Coastal Forest Project of Northeastern Brazil   (New York Botanical Garden and Centro de Pesquisas do Cacau, CEPLAC/MARA)
Melhorias no mapeamento do uso da terra da região Nordeste do Brasil para utilização em modelos meteorológicos e hidrológicos Includes: Mapa do IBGE compatibilizado com as classes do modelo SSiB (A) e o mapa atualizado de vegetação e usos da terra da região Nordeste do Brasil mais as porções norte de Minas Gerais e do Espírito Santo

- Rondonia

- São Paulo

- Southeast

- Xing'o Region


- Chinchillas, Reserva Nacional



Ecuador : [Cloud Forest Sites]  (Inset: Galapagos Islands, UNEP-WCMC)

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

French Guiana




- Bajo Urubamba, Río





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Guide History

Original title of website: Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps

Compiled by Claire Englander (1996-2013).  Founding co-compiler Philip Hoehn (1996-2009).   With thanks to Phyllis Bischof, Ed Colijn, Rheal Coupal, John Creaser, Larry Cruse, Joe Dalton, Hugh Eva, Vic Fazio, Xavier Font Castell, Steve Glenn, Lawrence Hislop, Robert Hoare, Michael Jennings, Stephen Killeffer, Brian Klinkenberg, Raino Lampinen, Andrew Lillie, David MacDevette, Philippe Mayaux, Justin Moat, Jim Moore, Tom Owens, Scott Sundberg, Thomas A. Stone, Urs-Beat Brändli, Rob Waller, Hugh D.Wilson and George Wooten.

Maps are no longer being added to or deleted from these lists - the lists are maintained in this guide for archival purposes only.

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