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ITALIAN STUDIES: Reference Sources

A library research guide

Reference Sources for Italian Studies

Use the following types of reference sources to look up information related to Italian Studies:

Dictionaries, Thesauri and QuotationsBiographical SourcesEncyclopedias and AlmanacsAtlases, Maps and GazetteersWeb Portals

Dictionaries, Thesauri, and Quotations

Grande Dizionario della Lingua ItalianaGeneral and subject specific dictionaries in any language, dual language dictionaries, thesauri, dictionaries of quotations, and acronym lists.

*Blue asterisk indicates that the resource was recently added to the guide.

Online Resources

A complete list of licensed databases is available through the Library's Electronic Resource Finder.

Available in Print Only

Biographical Sources

Il Dizionario biografico degli Italiani ( Online Resources

Available in Print Only

Encyclopedias and Almanacs

Medievaly Italy: An EncyclopediaGeneral or subject-specific encyclopedias, almanacs, and other collections of factual information. 

Online Resources

Available in Print Only

Atlases, Maps and Gazetteers

The Eternal City: A History of Rome in MapsOnline Resources

Available in Print Only

Web Portals

Web sites and subject-specific search engines available without restriction. See also Italian Libraries and Catalogs under the Research Tools tab.

Internet Culturale