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Japanese Studies: Historical Bibliography

This subject guide points to library's print and electronic sources for research on Japanese studies, especially in humanities and social sciences

Library and Union Catalogs

Directory of Overseas Collections of Old and Rare Japanese Books, Other Print Materials, and Manuscripts 在外日本古典籍所蔵機関ディレクトリ: Provides desciptions of the collections, contact information, etc. of the libraries and museums outside of Japan that hold Japanese rare books produced in pre-modern Japan.

Kokubungaku Kenkyū Shiryōkan. Kokusho Dētabēsu 国書データベース: A union catalogue database of Japanese texts compiled by the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL), which became available in March 2023 by merging 日本古典籍目録データベース (Union Catalogue of Early Japanese Books), 新日本古典籍総合データベース (Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works), and others. Information on other reorganized NIJL databases is available here

Historical Bibliographies

Here is a list of links to useful resources availble on Internet in historical bibliographies:

Image Databases

Here is a list of links to useful digital projects with images of Japanese illustrated books from the Edo period: