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Comparative Ethnic Studies: Reference & Getting Started

Getting Started

Reference and Getting Started

Get started on your research by familiarizing yourself with the library system, setting up your computer for off-campus access to library databases, using the UC Library Search portal, consulting reference encyclopedias on Comparative Ethnic Studies, and more.

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Introduction to citing sources and citation management software.

The Ethnic Studies Library Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection

The Ethnic Studies Library Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection contains books, serials, media, archives, newspapers, and other materials on Comparative Ethnic Studies. You can get started by visiting the library and by making an appointment with a librarian to talk through your research topic, sources, or any other questions you might have.

About the Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection:

The Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection was established in 1997 in conjunction with the Comparative Ethnic Studies program in the Department of Ethnic Studies. In addition to works on race and ethnicity from a comparative perspective, the collection also includes general works on race, ethnicity, and race relations, including works on African American history, culture, and politics, which provide background and context for the other collections in the Ethnic Studies Library: the Asian American Studies Collections, the Chicano Studies Collections, and Native American Studies Collections. The collection also includes materials related to research justice, social justice, activism and social movements, and organizing. In general, the CES Collection supports the curriculum of the Ethnic Studies graduate curriculum. Materials include, but are not limited to: books, serials, posters, and film.
A special collection is the Ethnic Studies Faculty Section, which highlights the research and creative publications of our Ethnic Studies faculty and includes books, articles, and other materials.
Another aspect of the Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection is its documentation of social movements and the history of the Ethnic Studies Department including the history of the Third World Liberation Front. Departmental documents, archival collections of faculty papers, minutes of meetings, zines, and other materials have a place in the CES Collection.

Selected Reference Sources for Comparative Ethnic Studies

A great place to start your research is by consulting an encyclopedia. See below for some reference sources on Comparative Ethnic Studies and visit the reference sections at Moffitt, Doe, Ethnic Studies Library, Social Research, Environmental Design, or any other library for more.