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Critical Pacific Islands Studies Library Guide

Finding Articles

Journals & Articles

Find articles on Critical Pacific Islands Studies from journals and online databases. Tips on how to find articles. Browse the A-Z Databases for descriptions of over 1,400 databases and see the listing of databases for Ethnic Studies for more specific recommended databases.

Key Pacific Islands Studies Journals

Sample Journal Article Databases

The library provides access to over 1,275 databases. For recommendations on databases relevant to Comparative Ethnic Studies, see A-Z Databases: Ethnic Studies and see below. 

Sample News Article Databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an easy way to do interdisciplinary research, and with some settings changes can become even more useful.  You need a Google account to use these features.

  • Set up a Google Scholar Alert to be automatically notified when new articles are added to Google on topics of interest: 

Do your search in Google Scholar. Look in the left sidebar for the Create Alert link next to the envelope icon, and click it.  New items will be sent to your email account as they are found by Google.

  • Make Google display links to full text of articles that Berkeley subscribes to:

Open Scholar. Click on the menu icon three linesin the upper left corner and then the gear icongear, settingsto reach the settings page. On the next screen, choose Library Links from the left-hand menu. In the search box, type the word Berkeley.  Choose University of California, Berkeley - Get it at UC, and Open Worldcat Search.

Do a Google Scholar search. Click on the "Cited by" link under a citation and select the "Search within articles citing..." checkbox.