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MCB 32: Introduction to Human Physiology: Drug information: Scientific journal articles


An article database for searching many biomedical journals

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UC Berkeley faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors should use the UC Berkeley-specific instance of PubMed by accessing PubMed from links on library website pages (including this page). Use the Get it at UC button Get it at UC to access full text will be displayed on every article record.

PubMed search tips in a downloadable PDF format:

Handout for Advanced PubMed workshop:

PubMed search tips: drug information

PubMed search tips for drug information

  • Drug names: Search on drug brand name, common name, or scientific name. To retrieve the most comprehensive set of results, combine the terms with OR (retrieves articles including either term):
    Example: aspirin OR acetylsalicylic acid
  • Desired aspects: Combine desired aspect such as adverse effects, metabolism, pharmacokinetics, physiology, or toxicity using AND (retrieves articles including both terms)
    Example: (acetylsalicylic acid OR aspirin) AND pharmacokinetics
    This is equivalent to (acetylsalicylic acid AND pharmacokinetics) OR (aspirin AND pharmacokinetics)
  • Review articles: Filter results to see only literature reviews by selecting Review under Article Type in the left-hand menu.
    Note: Applying a filter for article type may not retrieve some recent articles that have not yet been fully indexed.
  • Date range: Filter results to see only articles from a specific range of past years by selecting 1, 5, or 10 years under Publication Date in the left-hand menu.

Getting full text

Getting the Full Text of Articles

PubMed contains citations to resources, but doesn't include the full text of articles.

To get to the full text of an article from PubMed click on the article's title, and then on the Get it at UC button at the top right of the article page.

  • Note: To access subscription journals from off-campus you can use the Library proxy or the VPN. See Connect from off-campus for more information.

After clicking the Get it at UC button you will be taken to a menu in UC Library Search from which you can select a link to view the article online:

UC Library Search journal article online access link

If there are multiple links available, we recommend first choosing the journal publisher link, if present, from the alphabetical list:

Get it at UC: multiple links

If a journal publisher or platform link (such as SpringerLink, Elsevier ScienceDirect, or Wiley Online Library) isn't present or doesn't take you to the full text, try other links.

After clicking on the link, the following may happen:

  • You may be taken directly to the article, usually on the journal or publisher website. There you can read the article or book chapter as an HTML page in a web browser, or click a link to download a PDF of the article.
  • Sometimes you may be taken to the home page of the journal. There you can browse for the year and issue of the journal that contains the article by clicking on an All issues, Previous issues, Archive, or similar link.
  • If the link doesn't take you directly to the article, it's worth trying another link, if available.

If you are blocked from access to a specific life sciences journal article please contact Elliott Smith (see the For more help box).

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