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MCB 32: Introduction to Human Physiology: Race and racism in medicine: Newspaper and magazine articles

Finding newspaper and magazine articles

To find newspaper and magazine articles on a topic:

  1. Go to UC Library Search.
  2. Enter into the search box the same search terms you used to find scientific journal articles on your topic, and click the Search button or icon. Your search will retrieve a very large number of results ranked by relevance.
  3. To focus on more recent results, in the left-hand Refine menu limit the date range to the past 1, 2, 5, or 10 years, or whatever date range is of interest. You can also sort the results list by Date-newest instead of relevance (but recognize that the most recent result may not be the most relevant).
  4. To focus on newspaper articles, select the appropriate limit under Resource Type (Newspaper Articles) in the left-hand Refine menu.
  5. To focus on magazine articles, select the Articles limit under Resource types, and then under Availability mouse over the Peer-Reviewed Journals limit and click on the red Exclude button.

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