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New Public Health Books: New Books: September 2023

New public health books and ebooks

New Database: Sex and Sexuality

Just arrived! Sex & Sexuality.
Module I: Research collections from The Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections. This module focuses on sexology and the work of sex researchers, combining advice sought by members of the public with the corresponding answers, thoughts on research proposals and work sent by academics and medical professionals to the Kinsey Institute. It also includes pamphlets and flyers from various organisations and advocacy groups, and more.
Module II is focused upon the experiences of individuals from across the spectrum of human sexuality, including heterosexual and LGBTQI+ experiences, from the nineteenth century to the present day. Includes information on the Stonewall riots and the resulting movements for change, the beginning of the Pride parades, and the HIV/AIDs crisis. Also includes collections from the ONE Archives at the USC Libraries, and The National Archives, UK, and more.

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