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3 libraries are now open! Plus: UC Library Search is here!

African Studies: Online Resources


The Berkeley Library is closed due to the pandemic until (at least) May 4th. Librarians are still here to help, and many of our resources are available online. Columbia University has created this helpful gathering of information related to COVID-19 in Africa.

Online Journals via Sabinet

The Berkeley Library has just begun (March 2020) a two year pilot of Sabinet Social Science and Humanities E-Journals. These titles, along with most of the Library's e-content, can also be searched through "Start Your Search" from the Library website

Tips on finding ebooks while campus is closed

We have limited access to print books while our area is shut down for the pandemic (we can only lend the ones which aren't in HathiTrust). 

If you're logging in remotely: 

1. Search our library homepage to find specific ebooks.

2. Browse ebook platforms to find books you might have missed.

3. Search HathiTrust [login and deselect 'full view only'] to read older books online.

4. Search Google Scholar to see if the researcher shared a PDF of their book online. 

5. Email your librarian to see if we can buy an ebook for you to read.  

6. If there's no ebook and you're far from campus, try our tips for inaccessible articles. Contact the author, peers, or use #icanhazpdf to see if someone has a copy already. 

Online Articles and Databases

Finding Books While the Library is Closed

We can't lend or receive print books while the Library is shut down for the pandemic. Instead: 

1. Search our library catalog or homepage to find ebooks.

2. Search HathiTrust [login and deselect 'full view only'] for temporary access to scans of older books. 

3. Search Google Scholar to see if the researcher shared a PDF of their book online. 

4. Email your librarian to see if we can buy an ebook; you should get access within a week. 

5. If no e-book exists, try our tips for inaccessible articles. Contact the author, your scholarly peers, or use #icanhazpdf to request help on twitter.

E-Book Resources

Contact Your Librarian!

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