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Go Bears, Go Vote! Voter Information: Ballot Information

This guide is designed to help Cal students, staff, and faculty get registered to vote, find reliable information about ballot issues and candidates, and how to cast your ballot. Information sources on this guide are from official and non-partisan sources

Get Informed!

Resources to help you understand what is on your ballot

The following nonpartisan resources and guides cover California Statewide and  Alameda county, City of Berkeley, Oakland candidates and measures.

The following list of sites provide information across all fifty states.

Please note that some sites will ask you to enter an address to direct you to your state's official voter information.

California Ballot Propositions & Measures

California Ballot Proposition Guides

The IGS CA Ballot Proposition Guides summarize the statewide propositions on your election ballot, links to key non-partisan ballot analyses, and ballot endorsements by news and organizations.

California Local Ballot Measures

Local Ballot Measures are managed through either your county or in some cases your city. Information about local measures is not included in the CA Statewide Voter Information Guide.  You must refer to your County Voter Information Guide.  You should receive print copies in the mail.

The resources below will help you get to your county and city elections website to locate this information or to request a copy of the voter guide.

  • California Secretary of State List of CA County Elections Offices - or you can call the Secretary of State's toll-free Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683) for your county elections official's contact information.
  • California Voter Foundation Contact your County Elections Office
  • League of Women Voters Vote411 for California - Personalized Voter and Ballot Information based on your address. Includes candidates (Federal, State, Local, Special Districts, Judges, School Boards, etc.), propositions, and measures.


California Candidate Information

The following resources will help you find information about candidates running for statewide executive offices, including how to search Google for candidate endorsements. 

Google Web Search