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Go Bears, Go Vote! Voter Information: Voter Registration

This guide is designed to help Cal students, staff, and faculty get registered to vote, find reliable information about ballot issues and candidates, and how to cast your ballot. Information sources on this guide are from official and non-partisan sources

Get Registered!

Check your voter registration status

Check your voter registration status!

  • Did you move or change your address in the past year?
  • Unsure if you are still registered?
It's easy to check your registration status. A good rule of thumb is to check it each election.

Register to Vote

Register to Vote, if...

  • this your first time voting.
  • you have moved or changed your address since the last election.
  • you were not able to find your voter registration when you checked it with your state voter registration site.


Know Your Voting Rights

Same Day Voter Registration

Did you miss the voter registration deadline?

That's ok! Many states, including California, allow for same-day voter registration when you vote. Be sure to pay careful attention to the requirements to do this.