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Wellness Everyday


Bullet Journal Bears logoThanks to Julie Anne Simbulan for participating in Wellness Everyday!

There are many students on the UC Berkeley Campus that use The Bullet Journal Method created by Ryder Caroll. The purpose of the club is to bring these people together to be able to bond through this common love of the method. Bullet Journaling is not only able to aid in time management, organization, and goal-setting, but it also helps in de-stressing which can act as an antidote into braving the countless responsibilities that lie upon students’ shoulders. The Bullet Journal Bears are a supportive and beneficial community within the UC Berkeley Campus to bloom into fruition.

Connect with the Bullet Journal Bears:

Instagram: @bulletjournalbears

Facebook: Bullet Journal Bears

In Support of Bullet Journaling

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Find Inspiration 

If you enjoyed this video, check out a Makerspace Workshop - you can even make your own notebook to use for journaling!