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Political Economy: Government Info

Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) information on the Internet can be located using the following sources below. Please also see the UC Berkeley Library Research Guide on this topic.

NGO Custom Search Engine


Global Giving.  Search for humanitarian projects by country and focus area.

Global Go To Think Tank Index Reports.  Annual Report from an international survey of scholars, donors, policy makers, and journalists to rank think tanks.

Guide Star.  Profiles, data and information on Nonprofit organizations. Includes information on IRS-recognized tax-exempt organization and thousands of faith-based non-profits.

Idealist.Org. Includes a directory organizations by name, mission, focus country and more.

INGO Database. Limited to International NGOs holding participatory status with Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations in the Council of Europe, 

TakingITGlobal. International non-profit centered on young people. Good source of NGO information by country and area of focus.

United States Government Information

ProQuest Congressional. U.S. congressional publications back to 1789, including Congressional Hearings from 1824-present, Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports from 1916-present, United States Congressional Serial Set from 1789-1969, and legislative histories from 1970-present.

American Presidency Project.  Major publications of the U.S. Office of the President, including: Public Papers of the President, Inaugural Addresses, Executive Orders, Signing Statements, radio addresses, videos of debates, and polling data. Developed by political science faculty at UCSB.

C-Span Video Library. Historical videos freely available as a public service of C-SPAN's cable and satellite television affiliates starting from 1987.

CQ Electronic Library. A reference source on American politics and government that includes: CQ Congress Collection, CQ Researcher, CQ Voting and Elections, and the CQ Weekly.

CQ Voting and Elections Collection. Documents and data analyses, background information, definitions, chronology, and historical material for elections (Congressional, presidential, and gubernatorial) and the electoral process. Part of the CQ Electronic Library collection.

CQ MoneyLine. Tracking of the flow of money in politics at the federal level with state information from 1980 to the present. Enables tracking of contributions from Political Action Committees (PACs), individual donors to politicians, elected officials, and party committees.

Digital National Security Archive. Declassified documents spanning fifty years of US national security policy. Also includes a chronology, events, terms, and a bibliography for collections developed around a specific event, controversy, or policy decision.

Homeland Security Digital Library. Records for documents on homeland security strategy, policy and research published by international, federal, state and local government agencies as well as research institutions, universities and think tanks.

Oyez Project. Multimedia archive devoted to the Supreme Court of the United States and its work. Contains audio recorded in the Court from October 1955, and summaries of major cases going back to the courts founding.

US Declassified Documents Online. Documents declassified via the Freedom of Information Act and regular declassification requests. Nearly every major foreign and domestic event of these years is covered.

International Government Information

Information from International Government Organizations (IGO) on the Internet can be located using this IGO custom search engine as well as some of the following sources listed below.

IGO Custom Search Engine


Asian Development Bank. Information on loans, investment, and technical assistance for a broad range of Asian development projects.

African Development Bank. Regional development Bank for Africa.  See also their flagship publication African Development Review.

Caribbean Development Bank. Regional financial and economic development institution for the Caribbean.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Development bank to provide project financing for Easterm Europe and Central Asia.

InterAmerican Development Bank. Regional development bank focusing on economic development and technical cooperation projects for Latin America. See also IDB America.

International Monetary Fund 

  • Article IV Staff Reports. Country "surveillance reports" conducted by IMF missions teams on an ongoing basis for all member states, and reports made in response to states' requests to borrow funds. Not all reports are made public.
  • Country Reports. Rich source of information by country: see especially the statistical appendices.
  • IMF Country Policy Intention Documents.  IMF documents prepared by countries outlining policy intentions for use of Fund resources or staff-monitored programs.
  • IMF Elibrary - Full text reports, periodicals and data from the IMF. 

Islamic Development Bank. Largest multilateral development institution in the Middle East, located in Saudi Arabia.

OECD iLibrary. Online library from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) an international economic organisation and leading international organization for foreign aid (development assistance) data. 

World Bank