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Global Poverty: Health

Political Economy of Health

The following are suggested library databases, aid organizations (both governmental and non-governmental) sample books, and journals containing information on the political economy of health and public health. 

Library Databases

Academic Search Complete. Versatile and multi-disciplinary database of scholarly and general interest journals, books, and reports

CINAHL. (Recommended). Primary database for nursing and allied health including addiction, and complementary medicine.  Excellent source for community hospitals and grassroots  medicine.

EconLit. Most comprehensive index to scholarly journal articles in economics. It also lists books and dissertations, and articles in 'collective works' (collections of essays.)

JSTOR. Broad based digital library of academic journals and ebooks. JSTOR is an archive which means that current issues (generally the most recent 3-5 years) of the journals are not yet available.

Humanities International Complete. Indexes scholarly publications in the humanities: often offers interesting critiques of the dominant paradigms in development assistance. 

Left Index. A complete guide to the alternative, radical, and leftist literature, with an emphasis on political, economic, social and culturally engaged scholarship inside and outside academia.

PAIS International. Books, journals, government documents, grey literature, research reports, conference reports, and web sites related to public policy, politics, economics, and social issues worldwide.

Project Muse.  Digitized books and online journals in the humanities and social sciences. Books are searchable and retrievable to the chapter level, with no restrictions on downloading.

Sociological Abstracts.  Finds books, journals, and dissertations on sociological topics as well as selected anthropology, criminology, demography, and urban development.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.  Indexes books, journals, and dissertations within the field of political science and related to international relations, law and politics, political economy, public administration, and public policy.

Women's Studies International.  Indexes women's studies, women's issues, and gender-focused books, book chapters, journal articles, dissertations, and reports worldwide.

Sample Books