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LibApps Overview + Help

LibAnswers Onboarding

When you receive a "Welcome to LibAnswers" email, follow the steps below to start using LibAnswers.

STEP 1. WATCH VIDEO "LibAnswers Site Tour"

LibAnswers Site Tour thumbnailSee Springshare's SpringyU Blocks page to watch LibAnswers Site Tour and learn to:

  • Log into LibAnswers and navigate your dashboard.
  • Set up and configure your LibAnswers account.
  • Understand an overview of LibAnswers functions, public and internal.

STEP 2. WATCH VIDEO "Exploring the LibAnswers Dashboard"

Exploring the LibAnswers Dashboard thumbnailWatch Exploring the LibAnswers Dashboard and learn to:

  • Explore ways to view and filter tickets.
  • Learn about ticket metadata viewable from the dashboard.

STEP 3. WATCH VIDEO "Claiming Tickets & Viewing Ticket Details"

Claiming Tickets and Viewing Ticket Details thumbnailWatch Claiming Tickets & Viewing Ticket Details and learn to:

  • Understand how ticket claiming works.
  • Discover data about the patron in the ticket details.

STEP 4. WATCH VIDEO "Replying to Patron Tickets"

Replying to Patron Tickets thumbnailWatch Replying to Patron Tickets and learn to:

  • Describe the process of replying to an email ticket.
  • Understand ticket status options and best practices.

STEP 5. WATCH VIDEO "Internal Notes & Ticket Transfers"

Internal Notes and Ticket Transfers thumbnailWatch Internal Notes & Ticket Transfers and learn to:

  • Understand how internal notes work with tickets.
  • Learn how to transfer or assign a ticket to another user.


Once you watch the videos, make an appointment with Kiyoko to complete your onboarding.