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LibApps Overview + Help

LibCal Appointments Goals

We aim to simplify the research appointment scheduling process, enabling:

  1. Students to easily find research help using a single, visible hub.
  2. Library staff to provide research help using a tool that integrates with bCal and other LibApps tools.

LibCal Appointments Practices


Block off sick days, vacation days, and holidays in bCal to remove their availability in LibCal Appointments.


Users disappear from the Make an Appointments page when their availability elapses. This usually happens at the end of a semester because most users add availability on a semester-by-semester basis (fall, spring, and summer). To support this practice, LibCal Appointments users will receive a reminder email and a tutorial about adding availability shortly before each semester.

Reference Statistics

LibCal Appointments captures your appointments statistics. You do not need to enter them into LibInsight.