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European Union: Brexit


Developments surrounding the "Brexit" or vote on the Referendum of the United Kingdom's Membership of the European Union are evolving.  At present most research has been published by think tanks and governments.  Some coverage can be also be found in academic journals from the UK such as International Affairs and Political Quarterly

The European Documentation Centre at Cardiff University has excellent guides to the Brexit Debate as well as several other published Brexit Information guides.  The British Library also has a EU Referendum Information Guide.   

Brexit Data Sources from the UK Data Archives.

Making Sense of Brexit – The Data You Need to Analyze - Dr Kathryn Simpson, UK Data Service Research Associate, discusses the demand for reliable data to examine the broad ranging issues in the EU referendum debate.

Think Tanks

​Project Syndicate



Center for European Policy Studies

Center for European Reform

Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs)

Council on Foreign Relations

European Council on Foreign Relations

European Parliamentary Research Service

German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Institute of Fiscal Studies

National Institute of Social and Economic Research

Netherlands Institute of International Relations

London School of Economics and Political Science

Peterson Institute For International Economics

Search Engines and Repositories

EU Repository of Think Tanks on EU Affairs. From the EU Council Libraries.

European Sources Online. Provides access to expertly selected EU sources.

EU Press Release Database. Good for up to date statements.

Think Tank Search Engine. From Harvard Kennedy School Library.

UK European Union Membership Referendum Web Archive.  From UCLA.

Hein Online. From the Boalt Law Library.

Policy File Access to policy papers and grey literature.

Video & Social Media

Europarl TV.  Videos from the European Parliament tagged for "UK Referendum" 

European Council Tweets and Media

European People's Party (EPP) Tweets and Media

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