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European Union: News

EU News

Access World News. Full-text information and perspectives from over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources. Offers strong regional coverage for California newspapers.

The Economist. General interest news source about current trends in business, politics and economics worldwide. Locations for the print version can be found via UC Library Search.  For historical issues see the Economist Historical Archive with full text from 1843.

EUActiv. Influential pan-european media network specializing in coverage of EU Legislation and Policies.

EU Observer. Excellent source of daily reports and in depth coverage of EU News.  

European Union Newsroom.  The official newsroom from the EU itself.

Factiva. General and business news and information from sources in 22 languages, including local, national and international newspapers, business magazines, trade publications, and wires. Includes the exclusive combination of The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and Dow Jones.

Financial Times.  Access to the Financial Times from January 1998 to present. For historical access see the Financial Times Historical Archive which has the complete run of the daily Financial Times from 1888 to recent years.

New York Times.  Full-text coverage of the New York Times. For Historical issues see Historical Newspapers (ProQuest).

Nexis Uni. Full-text source for business, current affairs, legal information, medical information and news appearing in newspapers, journals, newsletters, broadcast transcripts, reference works and other documents.

Politico EU. European edition of Politico with an emphasis on EU and European country political news.

Proquest International Newstream.  Articles from hundreds of newspapers worldwide, plus reports from media monitoring organizations which include broadcast and wire service content. Article content is full text, displayed in ASCII format, not page-images.

Proquest Newspapers.  Includes New York Times (full text, Historical, 1881-1985, with Index, 1851-1993 + 1980-current). Los Angeles Times (full text, Historical, 1881-1985 + 1985-current). Wall Street Journal (full text, Historical, 1889-1995 + 1984-current). Chicago Tribune (full text, Historical 1849-1995 + 1895- current). The Washington Post (full text, Historical, 1877-2002, 1987-current).

VoxEurop. European news and debate website, publishing in ten languages.