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EU Web Guides

There is a preponderance of  guides on European Union legal information.  For general guides covering additional aspects try these below. 

Duke University 
Princeton University
Cornell University
University of Exeter
University of Illinois
University of Iowa

European Union Information at UC Berkeley

The UC Berkeley libraries have been a depository for documents from the European Union since 1964 and house documents and publications from preceding institutions such as the European Coal and Steel Community.  Older documents can generally be found in UC Library Search.  

Key European Union Databases

EUROPA. Official web page of the EU with access to documents, links to EU institutions, and explanations of the functions of the EU.

Catalog of Council Libraries. Online catalog of the European Council, with access to EU reports, documents and publications. 

Curia. Portal for the EU Court system. Includes information and case law for EU courts.

Debates of the European Parliament.  Verbatim reports of parliamentary proceedings.

EURLEX.  Portal for European Union Law and Treaties.

European Council Register. Includes all non-sensitive documents submitted to the European Council or its preparatory bodies.

Eurostat. EU statistical office.  See also the Open Data Portal.

EU Official Documents. Includes the Official Journal, along with documents of individual institutions, agencies, and other bodies.

Summaries of EU activities organized by subject. See also Topics of the European Union.

EU Reference Books

Quick EU Reference

The ABC of European Union Law.  Brief summary of EU institutions and the sources of European Union law.

EU ABC.  Helpful dictionary of Eurojargon and acronyms.

EU WhoisWho.  Official Directory of the European Union.