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European Union: Food & Agriculture


Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Section.  From the EESC.  Responsible for their work on policies related to agriculture and environment, sustainable development and climate change.

Commission for Natural Resources (NAT).  From the Committee on the Regions. Addresses agriculture, fisheries, maritime policies, etc. from a regional perspective.

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.  From the European Parliament. Responsible for scrutinizing the Commission's work related to agricultural policy.

Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. From the European Parliament. Works to  address issues like pollution, food information, waste management, and biodiversity.

European Food Safety Authority.  Independent EU agency that provides scientific advice and communications on EU food safety risks.

Food Farming and Fisheries.  The European Commission's Directorate-General responsible for the implementation of agriculture and rural development policy.
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Selected Legislation

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Contention EU Policy subsidizing EU farmers by providing price guarantees, direct payments and tariffs on some imported produce.

Common Fisheries Policy. CFP is a set of rules for managing European fishing fleets and for conserving fish stocks. 

Summary of EU Legislation: Agriculture. From Eurlex.

Summary of EU Legislation: Food Safety. From Eurlex.