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European Union: Justice


Europol. EU law enforcement agency that identifies and tracks  criminal networks in Europe.

Eurojust. EU agency dealing with judicial co-operation in criminal matters. Coordinates investigations between EU Member States for cross-border crime.

Justice and Fundamental Rights.  From the European Union Directorate General for Justice. 

E-Justice Portal.  Designed to be a one-stop shop in the area of EU justice.  Contains links and information on case law, judicial systems, legal aid, the courts, forms and more.

The Courts

The EU Courts work to ensure EU Law is applied consistently across EU states. They also settle legal disputes between countries and EU institutions. Individuals & groups may file cases before the Court if they feel their rights have been infringed by an EU institution.

Curia. Serves as the general portal for the EU Court system. Includes information and case law for the following EU courts:

Court of Justice. Ensures that EU legislation is interpreted and applied consistently across EU countries. National courts refer to the Court of Justice to clarify a point concerning the interpretation of EU law.

General Court. Hears actions brought by natural or legal persons against acts of the institutions, bodies, offices or agencies of the European Union and against regulatory acts or against a failure to act on the part of those institutions, bodies, offices or agencies.

Court of Auditors.  Audits organisations, bodies or companies that handle EU funds.

Civil Service Tribunal. Jurisdiction to hear disputes between the European Union and its servants.