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You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems): Air Photos

This guide covers resources and tools helpful for people interested in GIS.


The Earth Sciences & Map Library has over 80,000 images covering California and other selected areas. Historical coverage is available for some areas from 1931 to the present, with scales between 1:2,400 - 1:40,000. The majority of the collection is 9 x 9 inch contact prints with stereographic coverage.

The Library's collection emphasis is on San Francisco and the East Bay; however, our collection responsibilities also include the nine counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay and northern California, exclusive of the Central Valley. For areas of the state not collected by Berkeley, cooperative collection responsibilities are in place with the map collections of other UC campuses and Stanford University.

Find air photos in the UC Berkeley Library

Start your search with the:

You may want to refer to the air photo index to find out which frames cover your area of interest:

Once you have found the air photo set that you need, search Oskicat to find out which sheets the library owns:

You can also use Oskicat to search for air photos covering areas outside of California. Use the Advanced Keyword Search to search for subject keywords. Include the term aerial photographs as well as place names. Example: taiwan aerial photographs.

Other Sources for Air Photos

Air Photo Vendors

Air photo frames may be purchased from these vendors.

Remote Sensing


A blog post from 2014 by Rebecca Seifried titled Satellite Imagery: Types, Resolution, and Pricing gives a slightly outdated but still very helpful overview of the types of satellite imagery available for remote sensing applications.

Below are listed some resources for obtaining satellite imagery.