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GIS (Geographic Information Systems): Data

This guide covers resources and tools helpful for people interested in GIS.

Where can I find GIS data for... ?

map of San Francisco Bay Delta

Natural Sciences

This guide gives you an overview of geospatial resources for Natural and Environmental Science research.

snapshot of choropleth map of SF Bay Area

Social Sciences

This guide gives you an overview of geospatial resources for Social Science research.

snapshot of Fall of Confederate Richmond project


This guide gives you an overview of geospatial resources for Humanities research.

map of California counties

Bay Area & California

A guide to GIS data sources for the Bay Area and California.

map of the United States marked with push pins

United States

A guide to sources for GIS data covering the United States.

choropleth map of Middle East


A guide to sources for international GIS data.

GeoData @ UC Berkeley

Check out the Library's geoportal for GIS data collected by the Library and partnering universities!

screenshot of geoportal home screen

To search the library catalog for GIS data:

in Oskicat do a keyword search for the quoted term "geospatial data" (make sure to include the quotes!) and a place name or theme.  

Example: "geospatial data" Vietnam

The Library collects GIS data for areas around the world, with an emphasis on the nine county San Francisco Bay Area and northern California, and makes it available for use on the GIS workstations in the Earth Sciences & Map Library, as well as through GeoData @ UC Berkeley (the Library's geoportal).

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