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African American Studies: Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Make sure to bring:

  • A phone, tablet, or some other device that connects to the internet.
  • Your Cal ID card (you will need this in order to enter the Main Stacks and the Moffitt Library).
  • Recommended: a mask.


  • Meet your class at the South entrance to the Doe Library (across from Wheeler Hall). If weather permits, meet outside the entrance; otherwise, meet inside the lobby (near the restrooms).
  • Go through the library and fulfill each "challenge" according to the instructions.
  • Take photos/selfies to document completing each challenge.
  • Work in pairs or groups of three.
  • Your mentor will tell you which challenge to start with. (Good starting points have an *asterisk mark.)
  • After completing the scavenger hunt, email your mentor a link to a bDrive folder with your photos. The title of the bDrive folder should include the names of all teammates: "Library Scavenger Hunt-Names of Group Members"


  • This scavenger hunt will ask you to take selfies. If you would prefer not to appear in the photos, that's 100% okay. Simply take a picture of the resource or locations as instructed.

Before You Begin: Grab a Map!

Grab a map!

Maps will be available at Info Desks upon entering Doe, Main Stacks, and Moffitt. Picking one up when you enter a building will make your hunt easier!

Here are links to PDFs of the maps in case you miss this step.

1. Find a Book in the Catalog*


  • Use UC Library Search to search all of the books in the Library's collection. (You can search on your phone or device or on any computer available in the library. Computers are available in the Reference Hall, inside the Main Stacks, near the Circulation Desk, and in Moffitt, among other locations.) 
  • You can also use UC Library Search to find journal articles, magazine articles, audiobooks, and much more.
  • UC Library Search will also show you the books held by other UC Libraries.


  • In UC Library Search, find a book by or about a writer of your choice (ex: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Imbolo Mbue, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka).
  • Check to make sure the book's status is Available and it is located in the Doe Library Main (Gardner) Stacks. If it's not available in the Doe Library Main (Gardner) Stacks, choose another book.
  • If you are not searching on your phone, take a picture of the call number (will likely start with the letters "PR" or "PS"). The call number will help you locate the book on the shelf. 

2. Locate the Book in the Gardner Main Stacks (Book Collection)


  • The Gardner Main Stacks, located between the Doe Library and The Moffitt Library, houses over 5 million books.
  • Literature books can be found on Level D, the lowest level.
  • Going to the stacks in person can be a magical experience, allowing you to browse the shelves for many books that may be of interest to your projects.
  • Be prepared to show your Cal ID card before entering.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed.
  • If you'd like to borrow books, all you need is your Cal ID card.


  • Time to visit the Main Stacks! Enter the Main Stacks from the Doe Library main level near the Circulation Desk. (You'll need to show your Cal ID.)
  • Use the book's call number to find the book on the shelf. (Tip: the first 2 letters of the call number are often posted on the walls to help you find the right shelf. You may need to crank the shelves open in order to retrieve the book.)
  • Take a selfie with the book you found. 

3. Find a Group Study Room at the Moffitt Library*


  • The Moffitt Library has many places to work and collaborate.
  • If you are coming from Main Stacks, there is a "secret passage" on Level C. If you are starting the challenge at Moffitt, enter the building either through its main doors. You need a Cal ID card in order to enter. 
  • The 4th floor is meant to be a collaborative space where talking is allowed. The 5th floor is a quiet space for individual work.
  • You can reserve group study rooms on the 4th and 5th floor.
  • Note: The building is currently undergoing construction, and some areas may be closed. 


  • Find a group study room on the 4th or 5th floor and take a picture in front of it.

4. Peek Inside the Morrison Library*


  • Morrison Library is a one-room library located inside the Doe Library building, on the first floor. (It is across from the North security desk and Doe 190. See more info.)
  • You can find newly released fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry by local authors, graphic novels, and some young adult literature. In addition, read newspapers, magazines, and literary journals.
  • Morrison also has a record collection and a record player to play them on!
  • Morrison has a strict no device rule -- the space is designed for immersive and pleasure reading, so come prepared to cozy up with print books.
  • Morrison has more limited hours than Doe, so check the Library's hours page for details.


  • Morrison is located just inside the Doe entrance, across from the North security desk and Doe 190. See more info. (If you're coming from Moffitt, exit Moffitt through the main door and walk outside to the main entrance to Doe Library.
  • Take a peek at Morrison through the glass doors. It has shorter hours than the main library, so sure to come back during the daytime to enjoy its tranquil atmosphere and comfy chairs. 
  • Take a selfie with the iconic Mark Twain sculpture by the entrance.

6. Using Scanners



  • Go to the Reference Hall on the 2nd floor of Doe Library.
  • Choose any book from the Reference collection and scan page 23.
  • Email the scan to yourself. You will include it later in your team's bDrive folder. 

8. Find the Bancroft Library (Archives)


  • Bancroft Library is an internationally renowned archive.
  • If Bancroft happens to have archival material related to one of your research topics, take advantage of the opportunity to view the material in person.
  • Visiting an archive usually requires making requests for materials in advance, booking an appointment, storing most of your belongings in a locker, and going through a security checkpoint on the way in and out. It can feel intimidating, but once you know what to expect, it'll be a breeze.


  • Locate the entrance to Bancroft (inside the Doe Library building) and take a picture there. 

When You're Done: Share Your Photos

  • Put all of the pictures you took today AND the scan you made of the reference book page into one bDrive folder.
  • Title the folder "Library Scavenger Hunt-Names of Group Members"
  • Email the link to the folder to your mentor.
  • Be sure to include the names of the other people on your team.