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Historical Primary Sources: Middle East & North Africa: Arabian Peninsula


Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics

Iran in the Persian Gulf 1820-1966
Focuses on political relations in the Persian Gulf region between Iran (Persia), Britain and the Arab states.

Iraq-Kuwait Dispute 1830-1994
The history of the two separate, and seemingly contradictory, territorial claims Iraq has maintained with respect to the state of Kuwait.

Lower Gulf Islands: Abu Musa and the Tunbs
Vital historical evidence pertaining to the status of the islands of Abu Musa and the Tunbs.

The Red Sea Region: Sovereignty, Boundaries & Conflict, 1839–1967
Documents the political and territorial changes within and between states bordering the Red Sea, or linked with it, including islands and European colonies.

South-West Arabia: Saudi-Yemen Dispute
The origins of political and territorial authority, and the course of inter-state relations and claims, in the area of the Saudi-Yemen border.

UAE: Internal Boundaries and the Boundary with Oman
The definitive documentary guide to the internal boundaries of the seven Emirates and the UAE-Oman boundary.





Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates