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Public Health Research for Undergraduate Scholars: More Databases & "Grey Literature"

Additional Databases

For a comprehensive list of dozens of databases, see the guide to Databases in Public Health.

UC Library Search (short version)

 UC Library Search infographic about what is included

UC Library Search is the University of California's unified discovery and borrowing system.

Access it directly or from the Library homepage to find most UC books, articles, media, archival collections, and more.

See the UC Library Search User Guide and ask for research help 24/7 for more information.

Grey Literature

Grey Literature generally refers to publications -- from government entities, research institutions, or NGOs/IGOs -- not produced by commercial publishers: including reports, market research, theses, conference proceedings, and other documents.

The Library's Public Health Subject Guides web guide consists of web pages by topic. Each page consists of annotated lists of organizations, agencies, databases, and publications. Topics include: 
    • Environmental Health 
    • Food/Nutrition 
    • International Health 
    • Maternal and Child Health 
  and many more.

Google (or other search engines) may be useful for finding grey literature. Improve your search using: 
• Quotes for phrase searching: 
"social marketing" 
• Site: to specify a particular site or domain: 
"social marketing" (for a domain search); "social marketing" (for a specific site search) 
• Boolean search statements (eg, OR): 
("social marketing" OR "audience segmentation")


Online Newspapers & News:
Guide to news sources worldwide. Includes major dailies, local, alternative, and ethnic news sources, and science & health specialty news sources.