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Global Peace and Conflict: Introduction

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Catalogs and Search Engines

UC Library Search. Books, e-books, journal articles and other content in one library platform for the entire UC System. Does not include content from some databases, numeric data, and other content. 

Google Scholar. Functions as a key word database for articles and books. On campus it automatically connects to licensed content held by the UC libraries.

Google Books. Search the text of the books, view previews from books still in copyright, and read the full text of out-of-copyright books. 

Ebook Collections

Cambridge Core Ebooks. Selection of current e-books from Cambridge University Press. We do not have access to all content.

Cambridge Histories Online. Cambridge Histories series ebooks. Includes multi-volume books on regional history (e.g. Latin America and Africa) ;s well as large countries (e.g. China and India).

JSTOR. Full-text access to scholarly journals and books from a wide range of disciplines. Current journals (the most recent 3-5 years) are generally not available in JSTOR.

Project Muse. Digitized scholarly journals and books in the humanities and social sciences. Topics include history, cultural studies, political science, gender studies, economics and others.

Oxford Scholarship Online. Cross-searchable library containing the full text of books in many subjects from 2008 to present.

Practical Action Publishing. Development organization working on renewable energy, food production, water, sanitation, small enterprise development, shelter, and disaster risk reduction.