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Literature in English: Subscribe to Journal Alerts

Browse library materials for the study of literature in English

Guide to Journal Alerts



  • What it is: BrowZine is used to explore, browse, and bookmark (bookshelf) academic journals both online and via mobile app. 
  • When to use: you want access to multiple journals and a user-friendly interface to save them in
  • Requirements: downloaded iOS or Android app, phone notifications enabled, free BrowZine account with Berkeley email.


  1. Go to BrowZine homepage
  2. Search for any journal.
  3. Click on Journal Title.
  4. Click Add to Bookshelf
  5. Go to Settings on iOS or Android app.
  6. Under Settings, click Unread Article Notifications
  7. Click Allow New Content Notifications.
  8. Agree to dialog box if prompted.

Email Alert: Library Homepage


  • What it is: Start Your Search is the Library search tool. The EBSCO company provides access.
  • When to use: you want to receive email alerts for multiple journals and manage them from one place
  • Requirements: free EBSCO account


  1. From the Library homepage, search for the journal.
  2. Click on any article from the journal.
  3. Next to Source, click on the journal title.
  4. From the journal's Publication Details screen, click Share.
  5. Click Email Alert.
  6. Log in or create an EBSCO account.
  7. Set your preferences and click Save Alert.

More Help
EBSCO Help Page

Email Alert: Google Scholar


  • What it is: A web search engine that indexes scholarly literature. UC Berkeley provides some access to full text.
  • When to use: Best for receiving email alerts for articles on specific subjects or authors. 
  • Requirements: Off-campus access enabled.


  1. Go to Google Scholar's homepage.
  2. Click sidebar in the left corner. 
  3. Click Alerts
  4. Click Create Alert
  5. Type in desired query.
  6. Hit Save Alert.

Formatting Your Query:

  • For a journal, enter source:"Journal Title" 
  • For an author, enter author:"Name"
  • For an exact phrase, enclose phrase in quotes.
  • For a topic within a journal, enter source:"Journal Title"  topic
  • Ex: source:"Representations"  "novel theory"  returns all Representations articles on Google Scholar that have "novel theory" in the text.
  • Ex: source:"GLQ" author:"Judith Butler"  returns all GLQ articles by Judith Butler. 

More Help

Google Scholar Help Page

Email Alert: Individual Journal Website


  • What it is: Journals' personal pages, email alert method varies significantly.
  • When to use: you want more detailed email alerts for new publications of a specific journal.
  • Requirements: vary, usually a free account with the journal.

General Guidelines:

  1. Go to Publisher Homepage.
  2. Navigate to Journal Page.
  3. Create an account or sign in.
  4. Search for journal subscription option. 
  5. Set preferences and subscribe.

Sample Journals


  1. Go to the MLA Journals Homepage.
  2. Click User Profile on sidebar.
  3. Create an account or log in. 
  4. Under User Profile, click Alerts.
  5. Set your preferences.
  6. Submit.

Critical Inquiry

  1. Go to The University of Chicago Press Journals homepage.
  2. Search for and navigate to Critical Inquiry.
  3. Click Sign up for eTOC alerts on right side.
  4. Create an account or log in. 
  5. Set your preferences.
  6. Submit.

In Person: Heyns Reading Room

Current publications of most print journals are available in the Heyns Reading Room for library use only. You can find journals via OskiCat.

How to find

  1. Search journal title in OskiCat.
  2. If library receives hard copy, it will say "Latest Received." 
  3. Click Latest Received to see most current issue.
  4. Click Volumes to see all hard copies.
  5. Note the location (e.g., Heyns Reading Room, Morrison, or other).
  6. Browse the latest issues in person.

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