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Maps and More: 2/22: Post-War SF in Aerial Photographs

resources from the regular collections show-and-tell at the Earth Sciences and Map Library

This exhibit highlighted three air photo sets recently purchased by the UC Berkeley Library that cover San Francisco in the critical post-war years through 1958. Flown by Pacific Aerial Surveys, these large-scale images capture detailed snapshots of the rapidly developing city. We were joined by special guest Dave Ruiz, Imagery Analyst & Data Archivist at Quantum Spatial's Novato office, to learn about how these air photos were produced.

Post-War SF Air Photos

The following air photo flights cover San Francisco in the post-war years and are owned by UC Berkeley. All of them were flown by Pacific Aerial Surveys.

Other historical SF air photos

David Rumsey recently scanned a few historical air photos sets of San Francisco in collaboration with the San Francisco Public Library and the Western Neighborhoods Project

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