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resources from the regular collections show-and-tell at the Earth Sciences and Map Library

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Book Cover for Eclipse and Revelation edited by Henrike Lange and Tom McLeish

Eclipse & Revelation: Total Solar Eclipses in Science, History, Literature, and the Arts

March 12, 2024: 12 - 2 PM

NOTE NEW LOCATION: DOE 308A within the Art History/Classics Library (3rd Floor Doe Library)


In collaboration with the Earth Sciences & Map Library, Art History/Classics Library, Art History and Astronomy departments, this pop up exhibit will feature maps and materials inspired by the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse and “Eclipse & Revelation,” a newly published book by Henrike Lange which shows total solar eclipses from the interdisciplinary perspectives of the sciences, arts, humanities, history, and theology.


12:10 PM Welcome and Introduction — Eclipse & Revelation Henrike Lange, UC Berkeley History of Art and Italian Studies
12:15 PM

Welcome to the Earth Sciences & Map Library

Sam Teplitzky, Open Science Librarian and liaison to the Earth & Planetary Sciences + Astronomy Departments and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


The Berkeley 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Online Exhibit and Study Guide

Lynn Cunningham, UC Berkeley Art Librarian

12:30 PM

The Years between Eclipses: At Least Three "Worlds of Creativity" (Tom McLeish)

Henrike Lange, UC Berkeley History of Art and Italian Studies


Observation, Theory, and Awe in Art and Science

Henrike Lange in conversation with Alex Filippenko, UC Berkeley Astronomy


Remembering Jay Pasachoff — Sharing the Experience of Co-Writing and Eclipse-Following

Alex Filippenko, UC Berkeley Astronomy

1:00 - 1:15 PM  Break & Drawing Contest  
1:15 - 1:45 PM

Introduction — Eclipse Megamovie Project 2024

Into the Dawn: Virginia Woolf’s 1927 Eclipse Journey

Eclipse Megamovie 2017 — Eclipse Megamovie 2024


Hannah Hellman, Sonoma State University & EM2024

Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros, Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley & EM2024

2024 Eclipse Materials

Eclipse Maps, Atlases and Guides

Books about the Sun

Art & Astronomy