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Maps and More

resources from the regular collections show-and-tell at the Earth Sciences and Map Library


Development & Delusion: Real Estate Cartography

Curated by Geography Graduate Student Will Payne

Event flyer

Race and other social factors

International Real Estate

Early Days


  • No. 25 N.D. Guillermo Chard, Clmt "Rancho de las Flores" Tehama County (A-46)
  • No. 29 N.D. Guillermo Castro, Clmt "part of San Lorenzo" Alameda County. Attached to deposition of R.C. Hopkins (A-59)
  • No. 54 N.D. Maria de la Soledad, Ortega de Arguello, et all, Clmts "Las Pulgas" San Mateo County Attached to Deposition of A.M. Schell (A-121)
  • No. 97 N.D. Mariano Castro, Clmt "Rancho Del Refugio or Pastoria de las Borregas" Santa Clara County (A-204)
  • No. 182 N.D. Catherine Sheldon etc Clmt "Omochumne" Sacramento County (D-412)
  • No. 183 N.D. Heirs of Juan Reid, Clmt "Corte de Medere del Presidio" Marin County (B-415)
  • No. 226 N.D. Manuel Alvisu, Clmt "Quito" Santa Clara County (D-491)
  • No. 273 N.D. W.W. Warner, Clmt "Nueva Flandria" (B-552)

Subdivision and Promotion


Commercial Districts