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resources from the regular collections show-and-tell at the Earth Sciences and Map Library

Pardon our dust!

work in progress by Gleb Khorunzhiy from the Noun Project

We moved to a new library catalog, UC Library Search, this summer! The new platform has a lot of improvements and advantages.

Unfortunately, it's going to take us some time to update all of the links to library resources on this page. In the meantime, you can search for the items below via UC Library Search.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the new library catalog!

[Image credit: "work in progress" by Gleb Khorunzhiy from the Noun Project]

Event flyer



“Oklahoma’s man-made earthquakes” -

Music (~1 minute)


Full Reveal podcast

Recordings of the earth

The Sound of the Earth from Lotte Geeven - hole in the earth recording

Gizmodo article


Mariana Trench

NPR story (has map)

NOAA story (with more sound links)


Glacier Music (Goethe Institute project)

Raw recorded sound samples (~1 minute) of the Tujuksu glacier (Kazakhstan) 43°2'41"N   77°4'48"E

Symphony performance video (~7 minutes)



USGS Listening to Earthquakes

Auditory Seismology

Sonifyer - Japan 3/11/11 earthquake

Sounds of Seismic -- Earth System Soundscape (more available on Soundcloud)
Charles Dodge - Earth's Magnetic Field

About, with sample

Fuller version (on Youtube)

The original record is available at the library



Listen to the world now: Crowd-sourced sounds from