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This guide serves as a directory for the following types of English and American literature resources:

Key Databases

Got a lot of research to do?  Need 10+ citations for your bibliography?  These are the in-depth resources for you to use to find the articles, books, and dissertations you'll need.  A word of caution: you must use library catalogs such as Oski for the best coverage of books.  As always, if you are a Berkeley student and need help, contact me or someone at a reference desk or sign up for the Research Advisory Service or use chat reference.  We're here to help.

Additional Databases

  • JSTOR 
    Full text of thousands of scholarly journals. JSTOR is an archive, which means that current issues (generally the most recent 1-10 years) of the journals are not available.
  • Project MUSE 
    Over 500 newer scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences. 
  • Humanities International Complete 
    Indexes thousands of journals, books and other published sources from around the world, with full text for many journals. Useful for research across disciplines. 
  • Readers' Guide Retrospective 
    Covers more than 500 leading American magazines and journals from 1890 to 1982. Most useful for articles, interviews, book reviews.
  • Periodicals Index Online (formerly PCI) 
    Indexes millions of articles published in over 6,000 periodicals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences and published between 1665-1995.
  • Periodicals Archive Online (formerly PCI Full Text) 
    An online periodical archive that provides access to some 600 digitized journals in the humanities and social sciences. 
  • IBZ - Internationale Bibliographie der Zeitschriftenliteratur 
    Indexes over 5600 journals worldwide, specializing in the humanities and the social sciences. [Thanks to the Library's participation in a joint German/American document delivery project called GBV, the Library can obtain copies of IBR articles from German partners in digital form quickly at no additional cost to users via Interlibrary Borrowing Services.]
  • Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory 
    YWCCT is an annual selective survey of the key debates and trends in critical and cultural theory. 
  • Year's Work in English Studies 
    Annual evaluative survey of scholarship on English, American, and some other literatures written in English. 
  • Chaucer Bibliography Online 
    An online annotated bibliography of material published annually in Studies in the Age of Chaucer.
  • C19: The Nineteenth Century Index 
    Comprehensive coverage of nineteenth-century books, periodicals, official documents, newspapers and archives. C19 Index draws on the Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue, The Wellesley Index, Poole's Index and Periodicals Index Online to create integrated bibliographic coverage of over 1.4 million books and official publications, 64,891 archival collections and 15.6 million articles published in over 2,500 journals, magazines and newspapers.
  • Essay and General Literature Index Retrospective 
    Indexes essays found in over 5,300 volumes, annuals and serial publications from the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. Focuses on the humanities and social sciences, with coverage of economics, political science, history, and literary and film criticism. change: All WilsonWeb databases have switched to the EBSCOhost interface.
  • Black Studies Center (BSC) 
    Includes The Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience, The International Index to Black Periodicals (IIBP), and the full text backfile of The Chicago Defender (1910-1975).
  • International Index to Performing Arts (IIPA) 
    Indexes over 270 scholarly and popular performing arts periodicals, biographical profiles, conference papers, interviews, discographies, reviews and other materials. 


Dissertations and Theses (Dissertation Abstracts)   Indexes graduate dissertations from over 1,000 North American and selected European schools. Dissertations published since 1980 and master's theses since 1988 include brief abstracts written by the authors. Full text for most dissertations added since 1997.

Dissertations and Theses (University of California)   Full-text access to University of California dissertations filed since 1996 and citations for those filed prior to 1996.

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