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Environmental Collections at The Bancroft Library: Key Collections

Key Collections

Sierra Club members papers, 1892-2003
BANC MSS 71/295

A wide variety of Sierra Club leaders are represented in this collection, including staff members engaged in national environmental politics; activists of critical importance to the development of the conservation movement in the United States; and volunteer activists involved in local conservation efforts. The papers, mostly correspondence and subject files, are a rich resource not only as a record of individual conservation activities but also for the history of the Club itself. It should be noted that not all papers of active conservationists who were also Sierra Club members are included in this group. A number of important collections of personal papers were acquired by The Bancroft Library independently of the Sierra Club collection and are cataloged separately.
Collection Finding Aid
Related Oral Histories: Oral History Center Sierra Club Project, Sierra Club Nationwide I (BANC MSS 88/187), Sierra Club Nationwide II (BANC MSS 88/188), Sierra Club Nationwide III (BANC MSS 90/35), and Sierra Club Nationwide IV (BANC MSS 98/151)

C. Hart Merriam papers, 1798-1972 (bulk 1871-1942)
(microfilm use only, original documents restricted due to fragility)

This collection covers a wide range of topics including natural history, zoology, ornithology, geography, geographic distribution, botany and wildlife conservation. The extensive correspondence file includes notable figures such as John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt
Collection Finding Aid

William Hammond Hall papers, 1803-1979 (bulk 1870-1928)
BANC MSS 86/152

This collection consists of correspondence, writings, diaries, maps, photographs, notes, and clippings recording the fifty year career of a pioneer in the fields of irrigation, reclamation, and conservation.
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George Marshall papers, 1836-1993 (bulk 1945-1980)
BANC MSS 79/95

This collection consists of Marshall's professional materials accumulated during his lifelong career as a leading conservationist. The bulk of the collection includes correspondence and records of three conservation organizations where he served in official positions and as a member of various committees - the Adirondack Mountain Club, The Wilderness Society, and Sierra Club.
Collection Finding Aid
Related Oral History: George Marshall interviews, BANC CD 273:1-9

George Davidson papers, 1845-1911

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of George Davidson, a geodesist, astronomer, geographer and engineer. Of interest is his work with the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey which includes correspondence, field notebooks, and subject files.
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LeConte Family Papers, 1858-1949

This collection spans two generations of the LeConte family, and consists mainly of correspondence and notebooks. Of particular interest is the material relating to Jospeh LeConte, a geologist and professor at UC Berkeley. An early California conservationist, he was a friend of John Muir and a member of the Sierra Club.
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Woodbridge Metcalf papers, 1886-1972 (bulk 1912-1972)

This collection documents the scholarly and public service forestry work of Woodbridge Metcalf from the beginning of his career through his retirement years. Of interest are his subject files on his interests and activities with a range of tree species and California locations as well as particular sets of files on his work with eucalyptus and fire. A small related collection is the Woodbridge Metcalf files relating to the Northern California Section of the Society of American Foresters (BANC MSS 84/118).
Collection Finding Aid
Related Oral History: Extension forester, BANC MSS 69/150

Florence Merriam Bailey papers, 1887-1940
BANC MSS 79/139

An accomplished ornithologist, Bailey devoted her life to the study and protection of birds. This collection consists of her field notes and journals, drafts of primarily unpublished books and articles, plus a small amount of correspondence to her father, Clinton Levi Merriam and other naturalists and ornithologists.
Collection Finding Aid

Emanuel Fritz papers, 1900-1988

This collection documents Fritz's work on the forestry faculty at the University of California, his work with a range of forestry and lumber organizations and associations, his consulting work in forestry and wood technology, and his role in shaping forestry law and policy on the national, state, and local level.
Collection Finding Aid
Related Oral History: Emanuel Fritz, teacher, editor and forestry consultant, BANC MSS 74/20

William Frederic Badè papers, 1906-1936
BANC MSS 72/174

This collection contains correspondence relating mainly to conservation activities in the Sierra Club and to the publication of his works on John Muir. There are also subject files on Hetch-Hetchy, John Muir, national parks, the proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park (California), the Water and Power Act of 1922, and Yosemite National Park.
Collection Finding Aid

Robert Marshall papers, 1908-1939
BANC MSS 79/94

This collection primarily consists of Marshall's correspondence with family, friends, and professional associates, field notebooks, journals, writings, and other material primarily related to Marshall's forestry career with the Office of Indian Affairs and the National Forest Service.
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Francis P. Farquhar papers, 1912-1968

This collection contains a wide variety of materials reflecting Farquhar's avocations as conservationist, mountaineer, author, and historian. Included are comprehensive correspondence and subject files. Please note that recent additions to Farquhar's papers are cataloged separately under BANC MSS 94/31 and are currently unprocessed and unavailable for use.
Collection Finding Aid
Related Oral History: Francis P. Farquhar on accounting, mountaineering, and the national parks, BANC MSS C-D 4025

Newton Bishop Drury papers, 1912-1978
BANC MSS 79/61

This collection documents Drury's leadership of, and conservation issues relevant to, the Save the Redwoods League, the California state park system, and the National Park Service.
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Related Oral History: Parks and redwoods, BANC MSS 73/157

Paul Robert Needham papers, 1912-1963 (bulk 1930-1963)
BANC MSS 67/59

This collection contains correspondence, reprints, speeches, and other materials from Needham's early work as an aquatic biologist and as Director of Fisheries with the Oregon State Game Commission. Of interest are his files on specific projects relating to the management of streams, creeks, and lakes, especially in California and Oregon.
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Margaret Wentworth Owings papers, 1913-1996
BANC MSS 86/71
 (partially restricted collection)

This collection contains correspondence, speeches, articles, and files related to Margaret Owings' work in environmental conservation and wildlife preservation.
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Related Oral History: Artist, and wildlife and environmental defender, BANC MSS 92/717

Edgar Wayburn papers, 1923-2010 (bulk 1951-2007)
BANC MSS 96/48

This collection predominantly contains subject files from Wayburn's work with the Sierra Club and international conservation organizations, as well his efforts concerning national parks, Alaska, and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
► Collection Finding Aid
Related Oral History: Global activist and elder statesmen of the Sierra Club, BANC MSS 97/130

David Ross Brower papers, 1924-2001

This collection consists of records accumulated in the course of Brower's lifelong work as a conservationist. Included are his correspondence, writings, testimonies and speeches on virtually every topic associated with the environmental movement in the twentieth century, including dams, energy resources and and conservation, logging, nuclear power and nuclear war, population control, wilderness preservation, and wildlife conservation. Constituting the bulk of the collection are records from the conservation organizations he participated in or helped found.
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Related Oral Histories: Environmental activist, publicist, and prophet, BANC MSS 80/133 and Reflections on the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and Earth Island Institute, BANC MSS 2014/154

A. Starker Leopold papers, 1925-1983
BANC MSS 81/61

This collection the personal and professional papers of Leopold, a wildlife biologist who made substantial contributions in the fields of ornithology, wildlife management and conservation, and public policy. He also held several positions at UC Berkeley, including Professor of Zoology and Forestry, and Director of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.
Collection Finding Aid

William Penn Mott, Jr. papers, 1931-1992
BANC MSS 2000/133

This collection covers over six decades of Mott's professional life as a student of landscape architecture and as a park and recreation professional managing parks at the local, regional, state, and national levels. Included are files regarding his positions as Superintendent of the Oakland Park and Recreation Dept., General Manager of the East Bay Regional Park District, Director of the California Dept. of Parks and Recreation, Director of the United States National Park Service and other professional activities.
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Related Oral History: Dynamic park leadership, BANC MSS 94/52

Norman B. Livermore, Jr. papers, 1933-2006
BANC MSS 2011/129

Norman B. Livermore, Jr. was a noted California conservationist and Secretary of Resources under Governor Ronald Reagan. He was also an early director of the Sierra Club. From 1957 to 1965. Of interest are his files on Resources Agency of California, Water, Wilderness.
Collection Finding Aid
Related Oral History: Man in the middle: high Sierra packer, timberman, conservationist, and California Resources Secretary, BANC MSS 84/66

Dwight C. Steele papers, 1942-2002 (bulk 1970-2001)
BANC MSS 2005/195

This collection contains correspondence, subject and organizational files on various environmental conservation issues, with particular focus on the San Francisco Bay Area and Lake Tahoe Region.
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Florence Klinger papers, 1945-1981
BANC MSS 82/105

This small collection contains published and related materials pertaining to a wide variety of conservation issues and proposed projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Materials include publications from local and national environmental groups, newsletters, letters, California governmental committee hearings, proposed town and county plans, lawsuits, federal, state and local government hearing reports, and related newspaper clippings.

Bernarr Bates papers, 1946-1973
BANC MSS 72/45

This small collection contains correspondence, memorandum, reports, speeches, photographs, brochures and subject files, documenting Bates's conservation efforts including the California Redwood Association's frequently adversarial relationship with the timber industry and the creation of Redwood National Park.

Paul J. Zinke papers, 1947-1996
BANC MSS 2010/111

This collection documents the professional work of UC Berkeley forestry and environmental studies professor, Paul J. Zinke.
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Mark Evanoff papers, 1947-1988 (bulk 1977-1988)
BANC MSS 99/295

This collection consists of materials Evanoff collected during the 1970s and 1980s primarily while he was actively opposing and organizing others against nuclear power in California. The bulk of the collection pertains to information about the nuclear industry, the proliferation of nuclear arms, the regional and global environmental impact of nuclear reactors and the grassroots opposition groups who fought against the development and operation of nuclear power plants.
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Dorothy Ward Erskine papers, 1950-1982
BANC MSS 83/79

This collection consists primarily of subject files concerning early conservation and environmental issues in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Collection Finding Aid
Related Oral History: Dorothy Erskine interview, BANC CD 104:1-3

Joel Hedgpeth papers, 1958-1978
BANC MSS 78/156

This small collection contains correspondence concerning Pacific Gas and Electric Company's proposed nuclear plant at Bodega, California. Included are scrapbooks of clippings, miscellaneous articles and related papers, with information on effects of radioactivity on marine life.
Related Oral History: Marine biologist and environmentalist, BANC MSS 97/89

Tom Turner papers, 1968-2002
BANC MSS 2011/206

This collection consists mainly of Turner's writings on environmental issues. It also includes his work with Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club.
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Olive Mayer papers, 1968-2000
BANC MSS 2009/132
 (portion of collection is unprocessed and unavailable for use)

This collection contains correspondence, legal documents, reports, notes, press releases, and photographs documenting Mayer's work as a peace activist and an environmental activist in San Mateo County.
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Mark Dubois papers, 1970-2002
BANC MSS 2003/314
 (portion of collection is unprocessed and unavailable for use)

This collection documents Dubois's work as an environmental advocate over the course of three decades. He co-founded and directed numerous environmental awareness organizations and campaigns, including the Friends of the River, California Water Preservation Council, the International Rivers Network, and WorldWise.
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Charles R. Batten papers, 1970-1980
BANC MSS 85/110

This small collection contains materials relating to environmental and conservation issues, gathered by Charles Batten while director of communications for the California Forest Protective Association.

Maxine E. McCloskey papers, 1976-2002
BANC MSS 2008/128

The collection consists of papers of Maxine E. McCloskey's personal and professional efforts to protect marine mammals and spans the years 1976-2005. It includes correspondence, notebooks, articles written by McCloskey, newsletter and publicity materials, press and clippings, and subject files relating to McCloskey's environmental work.
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Mary Moore papers, 1978-2018
BANC MSS 2018/260

This collection consists of files of ephemera, newsclippings, and some correspondence relating to political action and social protest movements mainly in Northern California and mostly in Sonoma County. Environmental topics include nuclear power, logging, and Earth First.
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Lara Hilder and Peter Liederman papers, 1985-1994
BANC MSS 97/142

This collection documents the couple’s environmental and nuclear disarmament activities with the Sierra Club from 1985 to 1994. The bulk of material consists of research for the publications, including government reports regarding the military’s impact on the environment, newsletters from various peace, environmental and nuclear disarmament groups, and newspaper and magazine clippings.
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