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Using Aeon to Request Materials at The Bancroft Library

This guide provides an introduction to Aeon, the special collections registration and requesting tool, at The Bancroft Library

How to Edit, Cancel, and Resubmit Requests

A request may only be edited or cancelled if it has not yet been processed by staff. You may edit or cancel your request if it has one of the following statuses:

  • Awaiting Request Processing
  • Awaiting NRLF Request Processing
  • Reading Room Request--Page Now

To edit a request:

  1. Log in to Aeon and locate the record for your request. 
  2. Click the blue TN number (Aeon Transaction Number) to open it. 
  3. Click Edit Request.
  4. Make your changes and click Submit Request.

To cancel a request:

  1. Login to Aeon and locate the record for your request. 
  2. Click the blue TN number (Aeon Transaction Number) to open it. 
  3. Click Cancel Request to cancel the request.

To resubmit a cancelled request:

You can find all cancelled requests by clicking the Cancelled Requests link in the Requests menu of your Aeon account.

  1. Click on the request to open it, and then click Resubmit Request.
  2. You will need to enter a new First Day of Visit and Last Day of Visit.


If you have any questions about requests you have already placed in Aeon, or if you wish to cancel a request which has already been processed, please email our Circulation staff at

How to Submit Additional Requests for Items in the Same Collection (Clone Request)

Existing requests can be "cloned" to help you quickly submit additional requests for other items in the same collection. Cloning a request opens up a copy of the existing request in a new, editable form, so you will only need to change the container information and item details before submitting it as a new request.

Duplication and permissions orders can also be cloned using the same steps below.

To clone a request:

  1. Login to Aeon.

  2. Open the existing request by clicking on it in the Active Requests table.

  3. Click Clone Request.

  4. A new request form will open. The item information is carried over from the first request.

  5. Edit the description fields as needed for the new item you want to request from the collection. Please only include ONE item (container or volume) per request form.

  6. Click Submit Request.

How to Submit Manual Requests

The Bancroft Library has integrated Aeon into our library catalog (UC Library Search), and online finding aids on the Online Archive of California (OAC).

We highly recommend searching for and paging our materials through these systems to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Manual requesting is available for materials which are not linked. 


If you need to submit a request manually:

1. Login to your Aeon account.

2. Click Request Materials for Reading Room Use under the New Request Form section of the main menu.

3. Click the Request Materials for Reading Room Use button.

4. Enter the required information in the Request form.

-- Make sure to include at minimum the Title, Call Number, and Volume/Container, if applicable (ex: Carton 1, or Vol. 2). 

-- Please only include ONE item per request form. Items are paged individually so must each have their own request form. Make sure to specify the container type (whether it is a box, carton, volume, etc).

5. Add any notes to Library staff in the Notes for Library Staff box.

6. Choose whether you want to place the request now (Submit Request) or if you want to save the request for later (Save Request).

7. If you want to Submit Request, select the dates of your Library visit.

8. Click Submit Request.

Aeon Help

Help! Who do I contact if I have a question about Aeon?

Please send an email to Please note that emails sent to this address can only be answered during normal Library business hours, Monday-Friday between 10:00am - 5:00pm. 

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