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Using Aeon to Request Materials at The Bancroft Library

This guide provides an introduction to Aeon, the special collections registration and requesting tool, at The Bancroft Library

Aeon Status Overview

Every request ("transaction") made in Aeon is assigned a request status. This tells you where the request is in our workflow. You can find the current status of any request by logging in to your Aeon account and selecting from the Order Status menu at the top of the page

You may have one or two different statuses, depending on the services you have asked for.  The reading room status tracks the location of your physical item, and if you are requested to view material in our reading room you will want to check this status before visiting.  The duplication/permission order status tracks where your order is in our system.  You can check on this status to see if anything is required of you to keep your order moving through our workflow.

Aeon Request Status

Status Meaning
Awaiting Request Processing Your request has been successfully submitted, but staff have not yet started processing it.
Awaiting NRLF Request Processing You have successfully placed a request for material stored at the off-site Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF), but staff have not yet started processing it. Materials stored at NRLF take between 1-2 weeks to be delivered.
Ready for retrieval--See Circulation Desk Staff have reviewed your request and determined that materials are stored on-site. Due to limited space in the Reading Room, on-site items are retrieved upon your arrival. Please allow 5-10 minutes for on-site paging.
In Item Retrieval Staff are in the process of locating the item and bringing it to the Bancroft Reading Room. 
In Duplication/Permissions Request Processing Your duplication and/or permissions request has been received and is in staff review. This status will only change if staff are required to pull the physical item for your order. More information is also available on our Duplication & Permission Services LibGuide.
In Process--Duplication Order Your duplication and/or permissions order is in process. Please check the latest order turnaround times listed on our Duplication & Permission Services LibGuide.
In Duplication Order Review Staff are currently processing your order, which may include calling in the physical material and coordinating the digitization process with the Digital Imaging Lab or an off-site vendor.
In Permissions Order Review Staff are working on your permissions order, which may include calling in the physical material, checking collections paperwork, and working with curators to resolve any outstanding issues.
Off-Site shipping required. Check back for update Available items, shelved off-site, are being processed for retrieval and shipping. Status changes to Item Ready for Use after it arrives on campus. Items arrive 1+ days before a visit to ensure access by 10 AM on day-of-visit.
Item Ready for Use Your requested material has been retrieved and is ready for your use in the Bancroft Reading Room.
Item in Use--Reading Room The requested item is currently in use by you in the Bancroft Reading Room.
Reading Room Request--Page Now You have successfully submitted a request while signed in to the Bancroft Reading Room and staff will process your request. Please talk to the Circulation Desk attendant if you have any questions.
Saved Request: Request Not Yet Submitted

1) Your request is saved in your Saved Request section. It has not been submitted and staff have not received it.


2) Your request has been moved to your Saved Request section by staff because we need additional information. Please check your email for more details.

Restricted--Needs Curatorial Approval

Your request for restricted material needs to be reviewed and approved by a curator. Please check your email for more information.
Restricted--Consult Reference Desk Upon Arrival Your request for restricted material needs to be reviewed by the Reference Librarian on duty during your visit. Please talk to the Reference Librarian if you have any questions.
Restricted Item--Approved for Use Your request for a restricted item has been approved for use and is available for your visit.
Awaiting Appointment Confirmation Your request requires an appointment to view the materials, due to their special handling needs. Please check your email for more details and to confirm your appointment.
Awaiting Item Reshelving The material you requested is going to be returned to storage.  This material no longer counts against your 7 item limit.
Awaiting Return to NRLF The material you requested is going to be returned to off-site storage at NRLF. This material no longer counts against your 7 item limit.
Item Not on Shelf - Check at Circulation Desk Due to an internal issue your item is not immediately available.  Staff are actively working on making the item available and this status will be updated once it is.  Feel free to ask for a status update at the Circulation Desk.
Remove from Hold Your request is being removed from hold, either per information provided by you or to the expiration of your last planned date of visit or 7 day hold. You are welcome to place a new request for this item if you need to view it again.
Cancelled by Staff Your request has been cancelled by staff, and an email has been sent to you with more information.
Cancelled by User You have cancelled your request.
Request Finished You have completely finished with your request and the material has been returned to storage. This material no longer counts against your 7 items limit.

What if my request isn't listed in the Active Requests table?

Only requests with an active status will display in the Active Requests table. If a request has been cancelled or finished it is considered inactive. Inactive requests can be viewed via the links in the Requests section of the Aeon menu. You can choose to view Cancelled Requests, Finished Requests, or All Requests.


Aeon Order Status

A status will appear in the Duplication/Permissions Order Status column of the Active Requests table if you have placed a duplication and/or permissions order.


For more information about duplication and permissions orders see:

Order Photocopies or Digital Images

Request Permissions to Publish Collection Material


Order Status Meaning
Awaiting Order Processing Your duplication and/or permissions order was successfully submitted, but staff have not yet started processing it.
Information Needed--Please Check Your Email Staff require additional information from you before they can invoice your order.  An email was sent to the email address associated with your Aeon account.  Staff cannot move forward with the order until you provide a response.
Awaiting Order Approval Staff have sent an email invoice listing the charges for duplication/permissions services. Please check your email and follow the instructions to approve the charges and submit payment.
Awaiting Order Payment You have approved the charges for your duplication/permissions order but have not yet submitted payment. Please see the "Order Invoices" page in your Aeon account for more information. You must submit payment before staff can begin processing your order.
Payment Received - Staff Completing Order Your duplication and/or permissions order has been approved and paid for, and is in process. Due to the high volume of orders, please allow 45 to 60 business days to receive your order. We cannot guarantee a delivery date and do not offer rush services. 
At Digitization Vendor Off-Site The physical material related to your order is now at an off-site vendor for digitization.  This process may take up to 60 business days from the date of payment.
Order Delivered / Order Finished Your duplication and/or permissions order has been completed and delivered to you. Please check your email for more information.
Additional Staff Review In Process Your order requires additional staff to approve before moving forward.  Staff do not require any information from you, and will be in contact once they have more complete information.
Pending Order Cancellation--Please See Email You have not approved and/or paid for your order after 21 days of receiving your invoice via email OR staff have contacted you about an incomplete order form and you have not responded within 21 days of receiving that email.  Please check your email associated with you email account for detailed information regarding this order.
Order Cancelled by Staff Your duplication and/or permissions order has been cancelled, and staff have sent an email with more information.
Order Cancelled by User You have cancelled your duplication and/or permissions order.

Aeon Help

Help! Who do I contact if I have a question about Aeon?

Please send an email to Please note that emails sent to this address can only be answered during normal Library business hours, Monday-Friday between 10:00am - 5:00pm. 

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