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Duplication & Permission Services at The Bancroft Library

A guide to the duplication and permission services available at The Bancroft Library, including information on how to request these services and a list of frequently asked questions.

Fee Basics

Duplication services are separate from permission services, and are handled and charged separately.

Duplication: The Bancroft Library charges a fee for all duplication orders.

Permission: Permissions fees are charged only in certain circumstances based on your intended use of the material. See more below. 


You will be prompted to pay all applicable fees after you have placed an order through your Aeon account. Bancroft Library staff will create an itemized invoice for your order which will be sent to the email address that you provide in your account. More information about the types of payments that the Library can accept can be found on the Approval & Payment tab of this guide.

Duplication Services Fee Schedule

A fee is charged for all duplication services ordered. Duplication fees vary based on the format type of the original material (photographic print or negative, document, bound volume, cassette tape) and the format of the reproduction (PDF, TIFF, WAV files). The fee is reduced if an existing digital file already exists. Please see the fee schedule below and our Duplication Services Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. Please note that as of 1 November 2022, we are no longer offering paper photocopies as a duplication option.

An itemized invoice will be sent via your Aeon account after staff have reviewed your order.

Duplication fees are separate from any permission fees that may be required.

High Resolution Images

Process Cost
New Digital Image (originals need to be professionally photographed) $33
Existing Digital Image (originals have been previously photographed) $17
Service Fee (per order) $12

Research Quality PDFs

Number of pages from original Cost
1-25 consecutive pages $20
26-51 consecutive pages $40
52-77 consecutive pages $60
78-100 consecutive pages 80
100+ consecutive pages $100+
Whole archival folder $50
Whole microfilm reel $45

Sound Recordings and Audiovisual Duplication

Format Cost
Digital audio file from existing media (cassette, CD, etc.) Minimum $50 per carrier
Digital video file from existing media (VHS, 16mm/35mm film, etc.) Minimum $150 per carrier
Digital audio file from existing file $25
Digital video file from existing file $45

Permission Services Fee Schedule

The Library’s permission to publish is required only if you determine that your intended use exceeds fair use and the UC Regents own copyright to the material.  In these cases The Bancroft Library may charge a fee for licensing use of images, films, audio, and audiovisual material based on the nature of your intended use and the type of organization publishing your project (commercial vs. non-profit).  

Licensing fees are separate from any duplication fees that may be required.


Fees for Publication by Type (for use of images) Non-Profit Commercial
Book/eBook $0 $50
Periodical or Journal - includes print and electronic $0 $50
Thesis/Dissertation $0 N/A
Broadcast (Television, Film) $0 $100
Non-Broadcast (Internet, Mobile App) $0 $100
Physical Exhibition $0 $100
Non-Editorial Print (Cards, Calendar, etc.) $0 $100+